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Zoo authorities in Jaipur protecting measures for animals from rising temperatures

by RajasthanDirect
May 11, 2013

Zoo authorities in Jaipur are taking several steps to shelter and protect the animals from rising temperatures in the state.

“We have made a lot of arrangements at the Jaipur zoo to protect the animals from the rising temperatures. The animal enclosures have been covered; coolers have been installed in most enclosures. Also in the enclosures of animals such as lion, tiger and leopard have also been provided with sprinklers to keep them cool. Apart from this, the diet of all animals is being watched closely so that they are able to withstand the heat,” said the zoo’s veterinarian, Ashok Mathur.

Shades are being placed over cages of animals and caretakers have also fixed water sprinklers in the enclosures to protect the animals from the heat.

Coolers have been installed before the cages of animals like tigers, lions and leopards and glucose is being given to them so that their body temperature remains within normal limits.

The animals are being fed cold milk, cucumbers and their activities are being monitored regularly.

In Allahabad, farmers were working round the clock to ensure a good crop of summer fruits like cucumber and watermelons reache the market.

Even though they have limited supply of water in Uttar Pradesh, farmers are using water from the small polls near the fields to keep the crop fresh.

“We are growing cucumbers, watermelons, pumpkin and other summer fruits here. They are very useful in the summers and that is why we need to keep them fresh by pouring water,” said Gopi Kumar, a farmer.

Usually, until the onset of the monsoon, May and June are the hottest months in India with the temperatures often falling between 42 to 47 degrees Celsius.

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