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World Biggest Trophy For iGATE CEO Cup Golf Tournament Designed By Jaipur Craftsmen

by RajasthanDirect
Jan 08, 2013

The Guinness World Record holder Amit Pabuwal has designed world’s biggest and heaviest sports trophy which would be given to the winner in the inaugural edition of iGATE CEO Cup Golf tournament, featuring the CEOs of 2000 companies based in North America.

Pabuwal, who had hogged the lime light by designing Reliance Cricket World cup, Independence Cup, Hero Cup, MRF World Cup, T20 World Cup, Wills World Cup, Friendship Cup of Abu Dhabi, Indian Oil World Cup, ICL, F1 Race trophies, has come out with the world’s most extravagant gold trophy.

“I’m not sure why I was selected to make such a reputed trophy. But it has taken hard work to create this marvel in 18 days time. I had to keep it secret because of contractual obligation and because of security reasons too,” he said.

“It is 21 inch tall trophy that weighs 8.6 kg and is embellished with diamonds and rubies. Undoubtedly it is very costly. It was shipped to US on 4th of January and would be unveiled in the US only. It will be the world’s largest gold sports trophy. It will be larger than the iconic FIFA World Cup trophy,” added an elated Pabuwal, who briefed the media in presence of his wife and children.

iGATE, the first integrated technology and operations company providing Business Outcomes-based solutions, has invited CEOs of Global 2000 companies based in North America to play in this first-class, championship-style golf tournament to be held on January 12 and 13 on a world-renowned golf course, which plays host to a leading PGA TOUR event.

The participating CEOs will compete for a USD 100,000 purse entirely donated to the CEOs’ chosen charities.

It will be one of the largest corporate golf events in North America where the CEOs will compete in a two-day tournament with trophies and prizes being awarded in different formats, including low individual scores.

src: The Economic Times


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