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Veena Malik mobbed in Jaipur during promotion of Zindagi 50-50

by RajasthanDirect
May 05, 2013

Veena Malik was shocked when she got mobbed by her fans while promoting her upcoming film ‘Zindagi 50-50′ in Jaipur.

The bold actress was promoting her upcoming film Zindagi 50-50 in the Pink City on Thursday. As she got mobbed, she had to cut short her visit. Reports say there were over thousands of excited fans in the crowd, which the security officials found very difficult to control. The fans wanted to get a glimpse of her and to meet her personally in spite of tight security.

Veena Malik’s movie ‘Zindagi 50-50′ is being dubbed in various languages including Tamil, which is slated to release on 24th May.

‘Zindagi 50-50′ is directed by Rajiv Ruia, in which Veena Malik plays as a sex worker named Madhuri. This is not the first time the Bollywood industry is featuring a leading lady in this type of role. Yet, Veena has been doing thorough research to understand her character better. Reports say she loves the character whom she describes as being “realistic rather than bold”.

While preparing for her role, Veena met real prostitutes to understand their way of living, talking, body language and attracting people. She has combined a lot of those information in her character Madhuri.

Veena Malik has done a sizzling photo shoot in black and pink bikinis for the movie. The Pakistani actress said she loved dressing in bikinis for the film’s photo shoot.

Veena said that she loved shooting in all those sexy bikinis. It would be one of her boldest photo shoots for the character Madhuri which was more realistic rather than bold. The actress said the movie was about a true story of a girl and she had given more than her 100% efforts to Madhuri, the character she was playing.

Malik is also a part of The City That Never Sleeps, a movie based on night life and is being produced by Satish Reddy and directed by Haroon Rashid.

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