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Udaipur villages sleepless nights under panther fear

by RajasthanDirect
Apr 12, 2013

Residents of as many as eight villages in Udaipur including Dabok have been spending sleepless nights. The fear of a panther lurking around in the villages has led over 800 villagers to stay awake at nights.

According to locals, a panther has killed 12 cattle in several villages nearby. The forest administration is running behind the panther but has not succeeded.

“We can’t sleep after 10 at night”

The villagers said that the terror of the panther is such that they are not able to sleep at night. In the last week, the panther has killed the cattle in 12 different villages. Locals said that they have tried to capture the panther many times but they fail.

Villagers told that they wait for the panther to attack at night so t hat they can catch him.

Fed up with poor system

Villagers said that their plight is due to the inefficiency and negligence of the forest department. Earlier, the forest department had set up a cage to catch the panther but forgot to put a prey into the cage. And then, they never have tried seriously to catch the panther.

They said that they had lodged the complaint about the panther over eight months ago but the administration still has not taken any action. 

src: http://daily.bhaskar.com/article/RAJ-OTC-panther-scare-keeps-villagers-awake-at-nights-4232829-NOR.html

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