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Trained Falcon with transmitter found dead in Jaisalmer border area

by RajasthanDirect
Apr 15, 2013

A trained falcon, fitted with a transmitter and a small antenna, was found dead in Tanot area near the international border in Jaisalmer on Saturday. The bird, possibly used by a royal family of Gulf country for hunting Hubara birds in Pakistan, was spotted by BSF jawans patrolling the area.

A transmitter and a 10-inch antenna were fitted to the falcon and a tag was tied to it which had CH 434 marked on it. The equipment has been handed over to experts to find out whether any spying could have taken place.

According to BSF sources, many royal families from Gulf countries are camping in the desert areas of Pakistan to hunt Hubara birds using trained falcons. These Hubara birds come from cold countries.

The movement of royal family members can been from the Indian side near the international border adjoining Jaisalmer and Bikaner. Big and small Toyota cars with modern communication equipment can be seen chasing Hubara birds.

Jaisalmer BSF sector north DIG BR Meghwal confirmed that a dead falcon was found near Babliwali border post in Tanot area. Earlier, similar dead falcons were found in January at Wigakot area near Gujarat border.

Sources said that in 2012-13, the Pakistan government had issued 12 permits for a total of 815 hunting falcons. Out of this, two permits were issued for Saudi Arabia’s royal families for 135 falcons, five permits for Bahrain royal families for 200 falcons, two permits were given for United Arab Emirates royal families for 250 falcons and three permits for 230 falcons were given to Qatar royal families. The Pakistan government has allotted separate desert areas for hunting Hubara birds for royal families from Arabian countries.

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