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Traffic Cops Use Tech To Catch Fleeing Offenders

by RajasthanDirect
Dec 06, 2012

Over-speeding to dodge the traffic policeman may not be a wise move anymore. For the cop’s chase of the violators will soon turn a virtual one as the traffic department prepares a plan to track the offenders right up to their doorsteps with help of an advanced technology.

The traffic police have mooted a ‘no-contact traffic management plan’ that will not require offenders to be stopped at traffic junctions or checkpoints. But the chase will be through a software installed at computers in the department’s interceptor vehicles. The software will automatically print out a challan if a commuter is detected flouting traffic rules with all details of the offender.

The computer will be programmed to catch offences like jumping signals, over-speeding and over-crowding among others. The challan printout will contain details of the vehicles including registration number and address of the owner.

The challan will then be sent to the offender’s house. And if the offender does not cough up the fine within the stipulated time, the vehicle and the license of the owner will be seized. If an offender is caught violating the norms twice, provisions have been made for impounding the license.

The traffic department will give a presentation of the project before the transport department next week.

src: timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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