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Tight security at counting centres

by RajasthanDirect
Dec 05, 2013

Tight security measures will be at all counting centres of Rajasthan. In Jaipur, there will be strict security measures at the counting centres as the district election officer gave final touches to the preparation for the counting day.

Each counting room will have an iron grill barricade. Only returning officers and counting officers will be allowed to sit in the room. Counting agents will stay outside and keep a track of the counting process, district election officer T Ravikant said.

For the 19 seats of Jaipur district, counting will be done at Commerce College and Rajasthan College. Only those who have passes will be able to enter the centres.

The district election officer has issued passes of different colours to different officers. Yellow passes are for counting agents and micro observers, blue passes are for counting supervisors, while counting assistants need to show green passes to enter the centre. Officials making arrangement for counting of votes have been issued white passes.

Also, one cannot bring paper, needle, ink, cigarette, match box, knife, blade and any eatable item inside the counting centres. Officials will be provided refreshments inside the centres. Counting agents once outside the premises will not be allowed to enter the counting centre.

In case of fire or other medical emergency, fire brigade and medical teams with ambulance will be provided at the counting centres.

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