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‘Tantric’ arrested for instigating murderers in Udaipur

by RajasthanDirect
Feb 12, 2013

A 70-year-old ‘tantric’ was arrested in Udaipur for instigating two tribal men to bring him a severed head so that he could make a magical tabeez (locket) using the bones. The two men had chopped off the head of a security guard at an agriculture farm, acting on the self-proclaimed tantric’s instructions.

The body of Heeralal Gameti, a security guard at an agriculture farm, was found with its head missing in Nayaghar village in Govardhandas area on February 3. The police had earlier arrested two men — Prahlad Meena and his uncle Mohan Meena — who are residents of Bilakh village near Rishabdev in Udaipur for chopping off Gameti’s head.

SP, Udaipur, Hari Prasad Sharma told TOI that the police have arrested Prahlad’s grandfather Devnath also.

Devnath had allegedly told Prahlad that he should get the head on a Sunday as it would make the tantric prayers more effective. So Prahlad slept at the farm on the night of February 2, which was a Saturday, and got up around 4 am the next day.

Prahlad and Mohan allegedly used a sword to chop off his head. They then took the severed head to a nearby well where they drained it of its blood after which they took it to a forest area near their village, some 70 km from the spot and buried it.

“Devnath had told Prahlad that he would make him a tabeez which would make the person wearing it go invisible,” said the officer.

src: TOI

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