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Sunny Leone in Udaipur to help Mallika Sherawat

by RajasthanDirect
Aug 30, 2013

Even as Mallika Sherawat is scouting for a partner through her TV show The Bacheloratte India, guess who is set to play the role of her friend and confidante? None other than the sexy Sunny Leone.

The adult star will fly to Udaipur, where the show is being shot, this weekend and help Mallika in choosing the right man from the 30 shortlisted suitors. Looks like the guys on the show will have to impress not one but two sirens!

Recently Sunny was in the news for being considered forĀ  Welcome Back while Mallika had been dropped. Considering that Mallika likes to hog the limelight we wonder what she has to say on this one?

src: http://www.dnaindia.com/entertainment/1881831/report-hotties-mallika-sherawat-and-sunny-leone-on-screen-together

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