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South Korean team visits Pushkar Lake for investigation decrease in water

by RajasthanDirect
Sep 14, 2013

A delegation of office bearers of Korea India Association (KOINA), a counterpart of Indo-Korean Amity Association (IKAA) and a team from Korean Water Resources Corporation (K Water) visited holy lake of Pushkar on Friday. The team was here to investigate as to why the lake’s water-level is decreasing. During their study the team found that the lake is not able to store water in the catchment area during rainy days.

The team took water samples from different parts of Pushkar Lake and also talked to local people about the problem. South Korea, at present, is the world leader in water, river and environment management. The delegation will study the survey they conducted and give the report to the Central government to restore the holiness and water level in this lake.

A delegation of office bearers of Korea India Association (KOINA), a counterpart of Indo Korean Amity Association (IKAA) and a Team from Korean Water Resources Corporation (K Water) today visited Pushkar and investigated the three different water bodies in this town.

“We talked about the problems and also survey the lake. We will make a brief report on it,” said HK Lee, director general of KOINA. Another official JS Song also discussed the mythological importance of this water resource.

Officials of different departments also gave their reports related to Puhskar lake to this delegation and briefed them about the problems they are facing. The delegation since morning investigated the water channels, silt and mud on catchment and took samples from these places.

The team said that it will provide suggestions to the Indian government to restore this water resource.

“The team visited all main Pushkar, middle Pushkar and budha Pushkar Lake main, middle and budhha Puhskar and its catchment area, and made spot apparent assessment of the problems faced by the holy water bodies” said Arun Parashar.

The lake was renovated under National Lake Conservation project and there were channels made from Kharkheri and Savitri hills. The lake was also de-silted, but the problem is that water continues to seep from the lake’s bottom. “Last year water level went up to 24 feet but it decreased to only 12 feet in four months. This year the level was 10 feet and now has decreased to 7 feet,” said a local purohit.

There are two other water resources near main Pushkar Lake but they have been reduced to small ponds due to less water availability. Pushkar Lake is situated in the middle of the hills and the rainy water flow through these hills towards the lake. The lake is important for religious purposes and is also an attraction for the tourists who come here to participate in the international cattle fair.

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