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South Australia signs historic deal with Rajasthan

by RajasthanDirect
Nov 21, 2015

South Australia on Friday signed a historic 'sister-state agreement' with Rajasthan that would pave new ways to boost export and investment opportunities between the two states.

The sister-state relationship between South Australia and Rajasthan is based on a two-way exchange of research, policy and technical capabilities.

The agreement provides partnership and collaborative opportunities across key sectors where South Australian business can offer services and product support.

Following successful visits to Rajasthan by state Premier Jay Weatherill, Deputy Premier John Rau and a state government led business mission in August this year, the agreement was signed by state trade and investment trade minister Martin Hamilton-Smith and Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje.

Hamilton-Smith said the long relationship has strengthened in the past 12 months, culminating in the August 2015 trade mission involving over 40 South Australian businesses.

“This agreement will create new opportunities for exporters, it will encourage new ideas and relationships, which will lead to investment and job creation,” Hamilton-Smith said.

“The South Australian Government wants to establish partnerships and collaborations in Rajasthan that will mutually benefit both regions,” Hamilton-Smith said.

Hamilton-Smith said the State Government will work with the State of Rajasthan to share knowledge, exchange ideas and to produce economic prosperity.

“This month the State Government released research that demonstrated upwards of 65,000 South Australian jobs are linked to international exports,” he said.

“We know that these jobs are spread across the economy through all sectors. Our research showed export jobs are not just limited to our traditional export sectors, like agriculture or mining. Services, health care, communications, transport are all major beneficiaries of exports,” he said.

The expertise within South Australia in sustainable water management will play a critical role to further improve water access and security for businesses and communities in Rajasthan, he said.

Rajasthan comprises about 10 per cent of India’s land mass and about five per cent of the country’s population, but has marginally over one per cent of the country’s water resources.

“Over two-thirds of Rajasthan is identified as desert yet it is a major producer of agricultural crops,” Hamilton-Smith said, adding “This makes water conservation and management and environmental sustainability key priorities for the current and future prosperity of the region.”

The state government will be leading trips to India, the Middle East and North Africa, South East Asia, North Asia, China, Europe and America.

Source from : thestatesman

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