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Sonakshi admitted her love for Jaipur

by RajasthanDirect
Nov 26, 2013

Bollywood actors Sonakshi Sinha and Shahid Kapoor were in Jaipur on Sunday to promote their film R… Rajkumar. Like every other movie team does these days, they also went to a mall, and made a special appearance in a city college to interact with students.

Talking to the young crowd in Biyani College, in Kalwar, Sonakshi admitted her love for the city. “No promotion of my film is complete without visiting Jaipur. This is a city that I always like to visit,” shared the actress. Guess she forgot the promotion of her last film Lootera with Ranveer Singh. She missed the promotions as she fell ill due to food poisoning, and had to give Jaipur a miss. Shahid looked energetic as he greeted the crowd with a flying kiss, did some dance moves and charmed his way through.

Shahid looked like he was a firm believer in destiny, as he requested the fans to pray for his success. He said, “It is true that destiny also plays a vital role in your success. So I am hoping that this film will do well. Sonakshi’s luck is also associated with this, so I am hoping this film will be a hit.”

He added, “At times failures do bring some negative thoughts, and it is a natural tendency of every human being. I am no different. But selecting a right film at the right time is also necessary.

Sonakshi, who’s so far predominantly done romantic roles and dance numbers in films, has gone for action with this one. When asked about it,she said,”Though the film is a romantic comedy, I have also done action sequences in the film. And I am very thankful to the director, Prabhudheva, who decided to bring out this hidden talent of mine on the screen.”

She also said that dancing is far easier than doing stunts. “Let me tell you that doing action scenes is very difficult. In fact, I got injured due to an action scene that took 12 days to shoot. But it has come out pretty well. The audience will get to see me breaking bottles on people’s head.”

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