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Sawai Man Singh hospital next bone marrow transplants centre

by RajasthanDirect
Jun 27, 2013

The Sawai Man Singh (SMS) hospital is set to become a centre for bone marrow transplantation with the second successful transplant performed this month.

The first transplant was done in September 2009. But due to shortage of staff and other facilities, the transplants could not be continued.

Doctors on Wednesday claimed that the hospital now has all the necessary equipment and manpower for bone marrow transplants. Therefore, such transplants could become a regular feature.

Dr Hemant Malhotra and Dr Sandeep Jasuja of medical oncology division of department of medicine teamed up to resume bone marrow transplants.

Chomu resident Murlidhar Yadav, who is 55-years-old and was suffering from multiple myeloma, underwent bone marrow transplant on June 6. At present, he is recovering at SMS hospital.

“Bone marrow transplant is required to treat patients suffering from incurable diseases. It is a complicated procedure. In this case, the team work of doctors and nursing staff made the transplant successful. This was an autologous transplant, which requires patient’s own hematopoietic stem cells. After chemotherapy, we pump in the stem cells. Keeping the patient in sterilized atmosphere during the operation is crucial as he is vulnerable to infection,” Dr Malhotra said.

“We have started autologous transplant. But, we are also planning to start allogeneic transplant. In this type of transplant, hematopoietic stem cells derived from a donor are used. It is helpful in the treatment of Thalassemia patients. But, it may take some time,” Dr Jasuja said.

SMS hospital superintendent Dr Virendra Singh said, “In India, there are barely 10-12 hospitals which conduct bone marrow transplants. Presently, SMS is the only government-run hospital in the entire state which is offering bone marrow transplantation.”

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