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RCA to Take Legal Action Against BCCI

by RajasthanDirect
Aug 26, 2014

After the election of Lalit Modi as the president of Rajasthan Cricket Association , who was banned for life time by BCCI relating to indiscipline , the BCCI suspended RCA and stated that it would create an ad-hoc committee to oversee Rajasthan cricket. RCA has told that it will take legal action against the cricket body of India.

The RCA, however, is refusing to recognize the ad-hoc committee, stating that, pursuant to Article 26 ‘Recognition’ of theRajasthan Sports Act 20056 (RSA 2005), the only person who can form a recognized ad-hoc committee in Rajasthan is the Registrar7 of Rajasthan Co-Operative Societies, who is appointed by the government to oversee all matters relating to Rajasthan cricket.

Although the RCA is a member of the BCCI10, it argues that the RCA 2005 takes precedent over the BCCI’s constitution where the two conflict11, and cite precedent case law between the All India Football Federation (AIFF)12 and Rajasthan football to support their position.

The RCA has stated that it will file a “criminal prosecution” against the BCCI if it continues to pursue formalizing the ad-hoc committee.The BCCI is expected to address details on the ad-hoc committee’s formation at its meeting next week in Goa.18 No further official statements have yet been made by either the RCA or the BCCI on this matter.

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