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RCA factions to test their strengths

by RajasthanDirect
Mar 09, 2015

Rival factions of Rajasthan Cricket Association(R.C.A) will test their strengths when the no confidence motion against top four office bearers, including former IPL commissioner Lalit Modi, is put to vote during the Extraordinary General Meeting here on Monday.

Mehmood Abdi, the Deputy President of RCA and president of Sri Ganganagar District Association, said that they were confident of defeating the No Confidence Motion but fear that the rivals might resort to unruly behaviour to disrupt the proceedings.

Abdi said that “They had earlier resorted to such tactic and claiming a coup, they had forcibly occupied the RCA office by help of rank outsiders. They know that they don’t have the sufficient numbers to get the no confidence motion through so we fear that they might resort to unfair tactics”.

Amin Pathan faction had claimed that RCA president Lalit Modi and three other top office bearers were removed by majority in a special EGM. Crying foul, the Modi faction had moved court which in turn had quashed the claims of Pathan group but had granted them the permission to place a no confidence motion through proper procedure.

The court had entrusted the president of the State Council to preside over the meeting tomorrow.

As per the Sports Act of the state and Constitution of RCA, the Pathan Group needs two-third majority to see the no confidence passed. Out of a total 33 district associations, the Modi faction has support of about 15 units, much more than the required nine to defeat the motion.

Abdi also said that “The changing equations in BCCI too have given us strength and we are hopeful of solving all the issues with the apex body including that of life ban on Lalit Modi and suspension of RCA by BCCI but we need a month’s time for that".

Src:- http://sports.ndtv.com/cricket/news/238748-rajasthan-cricket-association-factions-to-test-their-strengths-on-monday

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