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Rajasthan High Court directs Rajasthan University (RU), gives relief for private colleges

by RajasthanDirect
Mar 23, 2013

The Rajasthan High Court on Friday directed the Rajasthan University (RU) that it should allow the students of a private college to appear in exams at their college only if the private institute files an application in this application before the varsity by Saturday 12 pm.

The single bench of Justice RS Rathore ordered this while hearing a petition filed by LBS College and other colleges. In the petition, it was stated that till now, the students were appearing in exams where they used to study.

But the Rajasthan University had interchanged the examination centres without giving any reason to the colleges. Because of the RU’s decision, some of the examinees were facing problems as their examination centres were situated around 40 km away from their parent college.

In the petition, it was also stated that the exam centre of students studying at a college named ‘Rajasthan College’, situated in Chirawa town and owned by Sis Ram Ola, a member of parliament (MP), was not changed although a penalty of Rs2.5 lakh had been imposed on the college in the past in a case of mass cheating.

The exam centres of other colleges situated in the same area had been changed.

In the petition, it was also stated that the examination centres of colleges owned by politicians like Union minister Lalchand Kataria, MLA Pratap Singh Khachariyawas had not been changed.

Hearing this, the court ordered that those colleges, which will gave their representations by Saturday 12 pm to the university, their examination centres should be kept at their respective colleges only.

Notably, the Rajasthan University authorities had decided to interchange the exam centres this year in order to prevent incidents of paper-leaks and mass cheating at the colleges.

Later, various colleges had also held protests in the varsity in this regard. According to RU officials, a total of 363 examination centres have been changed this year.

src: Daily Bhaskar

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