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Rajasthan education dept issue guidelines for teachers in classrooms

by RajasthanDirect
Jul 16, 2013

Teachers of government schools have been ordered not to use cellphones while in class. The state’s education department made the direction for teachers in the guidelines issued for ‘Reading Campaign’.

The campaign will primarily focus children in primary schools. Teachers will make each student read a book and help him enhance his reading skills. They will regularly monitor and review students’ reading capacity and grade them (A, B, C). It emphasizes to make the students who get a C achieve an A in reading.

The headmasters have been asked to make a report about the improvement of students regularly and send it to department officials. A mass inspection will also be launched in schools to check the improvement the students have made in reading. To make the campaign a success, the education department has asked the teachers to focus on their duties and dedicate their entire time in teaching. Therefore, it thought it necessary to ban the use of mobile phones in class.

Earlier, it was found that teachers would just write on the black board and would often talk on the phone while in class. Therefore, the deputy secretary of the primary education issued an order restricting the use of cellphones.

“The teachers should not use mobile phones while in class. The practice affects the learning of the students,” said the order.

When contacted, the education department officials confirmed to have issued such a direction to teachers. “A guideline book drafted by the NCERT, Udaipur, has been distributed in schools. It includes the directions prohibiting the use of mobile phones by teachers in class,” said an official.

Officials said the direction was issued earlier too though the teachers did not follow it. The department wants to make ‘Reading Campaign’ a successful initiative so the teachers have been warned again. Errant teachers will invite disciplinary action, they added.

src: http://daily.bhaskar.com/article/RAJ-JPR-rajasthan-education-dept-jams-teachers-mobiles-in-classrooms-4321390-NOR.html

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