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Rajasthan Cops busted Exam Cheating Kit racket in New Delhi

by RajasthanDirect
Oct 06, 2015

The Special Operations Group (SOG) of Rajasthan police have busted a New Delhi-based gang involved in assembling spy cameras and bluetooth devices in undergarments and shirts to facilitate question paper leaks in important competitive exams across the country.

A team raided the office of Spy India Private Limited, located in a flat at Green Park in New Delhi, on Saturday night and recovered a large number of kits which were ready to be sold, said Alok Tripathi, additional director general of police, SOG. He said the accused used to assemble spy cams and bluetooth devices in shirts, briefs and vests, mobile hardware kits, and other equipment to get the question papers leaked out from the exam centres.

The SOG, probing the paper leak of Junior Accountant Examination 2013, arrested the main accused Jagdish Vishnoi on September 30. During interrogation, Vishnoi told the investigators that he bought a bluetooth kit for Rs 80,000 from a New Delhi-based company and got the paper leaked with its help, said Tripathi.

Vishnoi told investigators that the kit included an android smartphone which was connected with a spy cam in cuff of a shirt. The question paper was clicked by some candidate or a staff member through spy camp and smuggled outside the examination centre through drop box application.

The paper was then distributed through e-mails or WhatsApp to a team of six to eight teachers, who solved the paper. The candidates, who paid for the solved paper, were given a bluetooth ear device which did not require mobile handset and acted just as receiver. The accused had assembled a set with 40 mobile phones through which the answers were dictated to the candidates, said Tripathi.

The officer said the accused used to charge Rs. 2 lakh per candidate. He said director of company Varun Verma, 30, and his accomplice Sadanand Saroj, 30, were arrested from New Delhi and are in the police remand till Monday.

He said when the team raided the company office some people were there for buying the kits and they were handed over to the Delhi police. Tripathi said the accused have confessed to supplying the kits in other states also.

Source from : indiatimes

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