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Rajasthan BJP manifesto offer something to minorities

by RajasthanDirect
Nov 20, 2013

Rajasthan BJP manifesto released on Wednesday includes has something for minorities but nothing extraordinary. Manifesto has minority girls encouragement plans in some regions by offering education and vocational courses to them. Also there is a point to grant special loans for women engaged in traditional craft industries like kite making, stitching, dying, etc.

BJP has also assured systematic recording and management of Wakf properties. Wakf properties confiscated by government or semi government bodies would be freed and all court judgments pertaining to Wakf disputes would be implemented, if BJP comes to power the manifesto says. Rents due against Wakf properties by various government departments would be released within six months, it says.

If BJP comes to power it promises to modernize and computerize madarssas and as a pilot project madarassas would be linked with vocational education.

The party has promised scholarships and arrangement of hostel facilities for meritorious minority students for meritorious minority students in hostels. It promises to grant special attention towards education and employment opportunities of minority youth.

Further BJP has assured special schemes for fencing and erecting boundary walls around burial grounds.

However, the manifesto is silent on the critical issue of reservation and communal riots.

BJP has fielded four Muslim candidates in the state in the coming elections.

src: http://twocircles.net/2013nov20/populist_bjp_manifesto_rajasthan_has_some_offers_muslims_too_nothing_extraordinary_though.

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