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Rajasthan Assembly Election Result : BJP got 162, Cong only 21

by RajasthanDirect
Dec 08, 2013

In a magnificent and historic win in Rajasthan, BJP rules the counting of assembly polls voting on super Sunday in Rajasthan. BJP in Rajasthan looking to get around 110 seats in several exit polls surpassed every guesses and exit polls.

BJP secured a total of 162 seats while congress stood at 21 seats thereby paving way for the saffron party’s governance in the state. The remaining 17 seats were won by other parties.

Congress was decimated in Rajasthan, and could be left with only 21 seats in the 200-member house. Officials counting votes in the state said the BJP could win as many as 142 seats earlier.

Lead by Vasundhara Raje the former CM of the state the BJP win in the state has ensured that the 20-year-old history on Rajasthan which always votes alternatively for the Congress and BJP was kept alive.

src: DNA

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