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Quit tobacco for government job in Rajasthan

by RajasthanDirect
Nov 08, 2013

Rajasthan Government Department of Personnel has issued a circular for taking undertaking from candidates enrolling in government service that they do not smoke or consume gutka while in government service.

Department of Personnel in Rajasthan has also sends a copy of the circular to the governor, Rajasthan Public Service Commission, secretary, Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha and registrar, Rajasthan high court Jaipur/Jodhpur. This circular was issued on October 4 after a state-level coordination committee for tobacco control recommendation in November 2012 to inhabit young smokers from quitting the smoking habit in the initial stages.

Principal secretary, department of personnel, Sudarshan Sethi, said, “Gutka and smoking are very harmful and their consumption is not at all a fashion statement. People should stay away from it.”

The circular was issued on the same day when the model code of conduct for assembly elections came into effect in Rajasthan.

State nodal officer, tobacco control, Dr Sunil Singh, said, “It’s not only in India but probably first in the world that such a decision has been taken to discourage tobacco consumption.” He said the first state-level meeting was held in November and the next meeting will discuss the penalty on a person who violates the undertaking.

Those working for tobacco control welcomed the decision although they said a lot more has to be done for tobacco control.

Oncologist, Dr Rakesh Gupta, who was one among the five recipients for WHO’s award (in May 2013) for their efforts in tobacco control, including promotion and implementation of anti-tobacco policy and capacity building to control tobacco consumption in state, said, “It’s a good decision but a lot more brainstorming is needed. There’s hardly any facility to help tobacco users to quit the habit, there is a shortage of experts who can help tobacco users in quitting it. A proper policy is needed for it.”

As per the national cancer registry, 50% men using tobacco get cancer. The figure for women is 20%.

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