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Pooja Bhatt and Udaipur SP conflict at ‘Bad’ film shoot

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Jul 21, 2013

The reel scenes on the sets of ‘Bad’ at the district collectorate in Udaipur turned ‘real’ on Saturday when a heated argument ensued between the superintendent of police and the film’s producer Pooja Bhatt when the officer arrived at his office situated on the premises.

Pooja tweeted to allege that the Udaipur SP, Hariprasad Sharma, barged into the sets of the film and got abusive with her crew and manhandled them when asked for his identity. However, the SP said that the crew did not have the permission to shoot in the area where his office is located.

“Horrific day in Udaipur today. The SP of Udaipur, Hariprasad Sharma barged onto our set, manhandled my unit and got extremely abusive,” the actor-turned producer said in her tweet. “Why did the SP behave in such an obnoxious manner? Because he was asked to wait for precisely five minutes while we were shooting,” she tweeted.

The filmmaker had apparently approached the collector. “I went straight to the collector who called the SP and asked him to render an apology since I had permission to film on a public holiday,” she said.

But the SP refuted the charges. “I went to my office on Saturday morning. Suddenly people of the crew stopped me. I told them that I am the superintendent of police and I am going to my office for some work. But one of crew members asked me for the Identity card,” he said. “I later found that they had no permission to shoot in and around my office.”

Sharma, in turn, said the crew members were abusive.

“The SP was abusive when we simply asked him to stay away from the scene merely for 5 minutes while we were shooting an important scene. If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone,” Puja later told reporters.

The shooting of the film, in which Randeep Hooda and Richa Chadda play lead roles, resumed only in the evening following intervention by the district collector, Vikas Bhale.

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