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Police probing audio clip calling for jihad in Rajasthan

by RajasthanDirect
Nov 27, 2015

Two audio clips purportedly released by a man in Sindh in Pakistan, threatening jihad in Rajasthan, created flutters in border areas prompting police to form a special team to probe the matter.

“The audio clip was circulated on WhatsApp following which a special team has been formed to probe the matter. Authenticity of the clip is being verified. The man identifies himself as Hussain Shah Jilani of Sindh,” said Paris Anil, Superintendent of Police Barmer.

He said that police have also issued clips asking people to not to trust and pay attention to such audio clips.

The SP said that security has been tightened up in the Barmer district, which shares border with Pakistan.

“We have prepared Jilani Jaanbaz Force (JJF) of 370 boys in Rajasthan. I ask them (boys) to stand up for Jihad,” Jilani said in the clip, in which he appears to address to his followers.

In another clips, he says that there is a strong network of his followers in Rajasthan and he would come to Jodhpur and Barmer next years to meet them.

Source from : indiatoday

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