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Poacher Sansar Chand acquitted in one court case

by RajasthanDirect
Jul 23, 2013

A local court on Monday acquitted 58-year-old Sansar Chand accused of poaching tigers in one of the half-a-dozen cases registered against him here. The acquittal did not get Sansar Chand out of the jail, as several other cases of poaching against him are still being tried in various courts in Alwar and other parts of the country.

The case was related to poaching of a tiger in Sariska’s Fatya Kheera Bagadi area in 2003. Sansar Chand was accused of buying the skin of the poached tiger. The police claimed that during interrogation with one Fulya Bawaria, it came up that Sanchar Chand had bought the skin through one Jagdish Khatik.

The court, however, acquitted Sansar Chand in this case due to lack of evidence. In another case, Sansar Chand is to be produced in a court on August 8.

Sansar Chand was accused of killing tigers in Azamgarh village near Tehla range in Alwar district, police added. “At least five cases against Sansar Chand were lodged by forest officials for killing tigers in Alwar that took place during 2003 and 2005,” said a senior police officer.

The cases in different courts are still on and the accused has not been convicted in any case so far. Sansar Chand is known for running an extensive wildlife poaching racket and killing hundreds of tigers and other wild animals in many parts of the country. He was nailed by Rajasthan police in Sariska Reserve in mid 2005. Following similar cases against him in different parts of the country some of his cases were handed over to CBI as well. At the time of his arrest more than 500 tiger skins were also recovered from him.

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