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Pakistani Diplomats Permissions Denied To Attend Jaipur Lit Fest

by RajasthanDirect
Jan 24, 2013

The sudden freeze in India-Pakistan ties does not seem to be showing any signs of thawing.

The government has denied two New Delhi-based Pakistani diplomats — press councillor Manzoor Memon and minister of trade Naeen Anwar — permission to attend the Jaipur Literary Festival. According to sources, both had applied for permission to attend the fest 10 days ago and were hoping that it would come through on Thursday.

The two diplomats had sought permission to be in Jaipur from January 24 to 28. Sources confirmed the development, but didn’t explain why permission was denied.

Pakistan diplomats based in New Delhi are required to acquire the government’s permission to leave the region.

src: Hindustan Times

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