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Pakistan high commissioner Salman Bashir pays homage to Ajmer Dargah

by RajasthanDirect
Oct 21, 2013

Pakistan high commissioner Salman Bashir visited Ajmer dargah on Sunday and offered a chadar for peace and prosperity in both India and Pakistan.

Bashir, who came along with his family in his private vehicle, refused to comment on issues of ceasefire violation, infiltration and said, “This is not the place to talk on such matters. The dargah is a place where we spread message of peace and harmony.

“Ajmer is a place where we feel peace and love to visit” Bashir added.

The Pakistan high commissioner stayed at the dargah for about 20 minutes and offered prayers in front of the Jannati Darwaja. He also went inside the crypt to offer prayers.

“The aim of my visit is that people of both Pakistan and India remain at peace and live in harmony” Bashir said while leaving the dargah.

Security in Ajmer was beefed up for the visit of Pakistan high commissioner by the district administration.

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