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P S Verma appointed as a new chairman of Rajasthan secondary board

by RajasthanDirect
Feb 16, 2013

Newly appointed chairman of Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education P S Verma said his priority is to revise English courses so that institutes affiliated to the board are able to compete with schools of other boards. Verma, who took charge of the board chairman on Thursday, said he will look into the system of evaluation for making state students at a par with other board students.

The new chairman also said his first effort is to conduct the board examination, scheduled for next month, smoothly. “The system that has been initiated since the last three years will be maintained and results will be declared as per scheduled. Transparency and confidentiality of upcoming exams is my first step,” Verma said.

Briefing his future plans on school education, Verma said he had observed that English medium schools of the board migrated to CBSE. Most parents wanted that their wards to go to English medium institutes. “It prevailed that English medium schools are not with the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education. We have to change this image and I want to show that Rajasthan board is also good in English,” Verma said.

He further said the step is to revise the courses of English in schools and make the language more comprehensive and competitive for students. “The CBSE has already started comprehensive and continuous evaluation pattern in schools but Rajasthan board has to examine before applying the same. As the number of schools with this board is more and most of them are located in interior villages, it is not possible to adopt the new pattern without studying it step by step,” the new chairman said.

He admitted that the pass percentage of Rajasthan board remains low as compare with other boards and said creating a common evaluation system is required.

Verma took over the charge from outgoing chairman Subash Garg. After his retirement as head of chemistry department, Rajasthan University, the state government appointed Verma as the chairman of the board. He hails from Ajmer.

src: TOI


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