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Now Daily Birth Updates Will Be Taken By Rajasthan Health Department

by RajasthanDirect
Feb 06, 2013

In its drive to improve sex ratio in the state, the Rajasthan government is planning to make it mandatory for private hospitals to send day-to-day reports to medical directorate on every child born.

The health department collects figures of births from government hospitals but no such process is in place to collect daily updates from private hospitals. Now, as the department frames rules for the newly implemented Clinical Establishment Act 2010, private hospitals would also be directed to send daily reports of births.

The Clinical Establishment Act is intended to keep a check on all hospitals. Under the new Act, every hospital will have to get registered. And if a private hospital flouts norms and rules of the Act, the health department will take action.

At present, private hospitals send daily online reports of every sonography done on pregnant women under the pre-conception pre-natal and diagnostic techniques (PCPNDT) Act 1994. But, a PCPNDT cell official said they do not get information from private hospitals about births. “There is Form F, which is a must to be filled up by doctors. The name of the pregnant woman, husband’s name, address, contact number and various other details must be furnished. An incomplete Form F or wrong information violates the PCPNDT Act.”

src: TOI


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