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New transfer policy realesed by Rajasthan education department

by RajasthanDirect
Jun 02, 2013

The state education department on Saturday released the transfer policy for its teachers in the wake of the ban lifted early this week by the government on relocating its employees. The department has decided to relocate teachers even from the districts where transfers remain banned even when these are opened for rest of Rajasthan. However, in the banned districts only those teachers would be transferred who have done a tenure of 10 years in the region.

At the same time, grade-III teachers across the state would have to wait a little more before being considered for new postings. These teachers would be relocated in the second phase of transfers, whenever it begins.

The new policy has also done away with the procedure of filing online applications to seek transfers. This time the teachers will have to submit the applications in the prescribed format to the office of deputy director concerned after getting these attested by their institution heads. The closing date for receiving the applications would be June 9.

The policy would cover teachers from all grades in the secondary schools and teachers from grade II and III from the primary schools.

For government notification visit : http://rajshiksha.gov.in/PDF/Sec_Transp_Form_01062013.pdf

src: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-06-02/india/39690081_1_transfer-policy-education-dept-banned-districts

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One Response

Dr.Dinesh Jha Says

Rules re relieving and joining for Teachers transferred while on maternity leave are not available this leave them highly harassed without remedy. Some say they are to be relieved by’post’. Pl. enlighten whosoever with specific rule and its text.