A New Mobile App Launched by Govt To Help the Tourist

Published on:23 Dec, 2016


A New Mobile App Launched by Govt To Help the Tourist

Rajasthan government has launched a mobile App that provides the latest information about tourist attractions in Ajmer and Pushkar with valuable content including pictures, audio and video streams and cultural stories.

The App is a comprehensive and one-stop solution for tourism needs, a senior official said.

“More than 40 places of Ajmer and Pushkar have been covered in the App which instantly provides real-time and highly contextual content to the user,” Shiv Shankar Heda, Chairman of the Ajmer Development Authority, told PTI.

Tourists just need to download an app LeZgo which provides tourism content with multiple features and convenient utilities.

After Ajmer, the App will be localized for Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Pali and Bharatpur soon, the official said, adding currently it has nearby 1500 users.

“When the user comes in the range of IoT device, all the rich contents, audio-video streams and others get automatically downloaded. The user need not any guide as he receives the most authentic content related to the monument or the place,” he added.

The App works on the iBecons and Internet of Things (IoT) technology. IoT is a device which is installed at the tourist’s points which provide information to the tourist having the App on their smartphones.

The App, designed by Bengaluru-based Sohamsaa Systems, has been recently launched in Ajmer jointly by the Ajmer district administration and the Development Authority.

Source from : ndtv

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