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More than 2,900 candidates file nominations in Rajasthan

by RajasthanDirect
Nov 12, 2013

In poll bound Rajasthan, there are over 2,900 candidates from different political parties or independently filed nominations for 200 assembly seats. Over 3,900 nominations have been filed by 2900 candidates for Rajasthan state assembly elections, scheduled to take place Dec 1.

Scrutiny of papers will take place Nov 13 and candidates can withdraw nomination by Nov 16.

The Congress and the BJP are fighting on almost all constituencies while the National People’s Party (NPP), contesting for the first time, has over 150 candidates and the Bahujan Samaj Party is in the fray in over 100 seats.

Gehlot is confident of the Congress retaining power with a thumping majority while Raje claims BJP will win because of the misrule and corruption of the incumbent government.

NPP, headed by Kirorilal Meena, hopes to be the king maker. The party on whose tickets rebel candidates of the Congress and the BJP are contesting elections, hopes to perform “surprisingly well” in the elections.

“The fight is mainly between the Congress and the BJP, however NPP may hurt the prospects of both the political parties in at least 20-30 constituencies,” said Vijay Sharma, a keen political watcher.

Sharma said besides NPP, rebel factor may also hurt both the main political parties.

“Rebel factor may hurt both the parties, but it might hurt BJP more as at least in 50-60 odd constituencies the party is facing problems,” he said adding the party has already started to hold talks with these disgruntled leaders and picture would be clear after the withdrawals.

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