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Mobile booths in Jaisalmer for upcoming assembly polls

by RajasthanDirect
Sep 01, 2013

Once again the dream of voting on mobile booths is going to come true. As per the area, Jaisalmer is one of largest district in the world and during the forthcoming assembly elections, distance of many villages are far away from the permanent voting place; looking to this, the district administration to provide the facility to voters to cast votes sitting at home planned for setting up 6 mobile booths and Election Commission of India has given its approval to this unique scheme. After this news, there is happiness among the voters. After the independence, this is the third time, mobile polling booths are being used.

Actually, in border Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan there are many villages and hamlets in far distant areas and the villagers have to cover a long distance to reach the polling booths. Jaisalmer, due to its area comes in few large districts of the world and it is also the largest assembly constituency. Along with remote areas, hamlets are scattered that people have cover a long distance to take part in any election. Looking to this, the election commission recently in the meeting of district election officers in Jaipur, reviewed with district election officers of Jaisalmer and gave approval to set up mobile polling booths.

Jaisalmer district election officer (Collector) NL Meena confirming this said that in the meeting organized at Jaipur, a discussion was held with him in this regard and was directed to give complete report on this; accordingly proposal was sent for six mobile polling booths for Jaisalmer assembly constituency.

He said that to reduce the distance between the voters and polling booths, these mobile polling stations were being made. Rawlo Fakir, Hameer Nada, Nedai, Sultana, 113RD, Sultana, Toba, kayab ki Dhani are included. He said that in these polling stations, villages within the limit of 5-10kms, these mobile booths would reach at the set time and will be stationed for set time and after taking a complete round, prior to some time before the polling ends, will reach the permanent polling booths. With these mobile polling booths, around 2306 voters will be benefitted.

src: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-09-01/jaipur/41661784_1_booths-polling-jaisalmer

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