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MHA official arrested by Rajasthan Police

by RajasthanDirect
Mar 05, 2013

The intelligence wing of Rajasthan police on Monday arrested an employee of the Union home ministry for his alleged links with Sumer Khan, the computer-savvy spy arrested last month for allegedly leaking information on an Indian Air Force (IAF) exercise in Pokhran.

Following Khan’s trail, the police came to know that he was getting “secret” documents from one Surendra posted with the foreigners’ division of the home ministry.

“Khan told us that he got some important documents photocopied from Surendra. A team camped in Delhi and initially detained and later arrested Surendra for allegedly sharing official secrets,” Dalpat Singh Dinkar, additional director general (intelligence), said on Monday. Dinkar said Surendra and Khan would be produced before the chief judicial magistrate’s court on Tuesday. Surendra, a Grade 4 employee, works for the FRRO’s diary dispatch department and may have had access to files in the foreigners’ division, according to sources.

The MHA staffer was held under Section 8 of the Official Secrets Act (OSA) and was questioned on the information and files that he may have shared with Khan.

src: TOI

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