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Man creates ruckus at Ajmer Court, tried to jump up the dais

by RajasthanDirect
Jul 24, 2013

A 37-year-old man created ruckus in the judicial court and tried to jump up the dais on Tuesday. He was later let off after his wife said he was disturbed and gave an undertaking to the police. No charges were also pressed against him.

Following the incident, the district bar association demanded a police post on the court premises. The association members claimed that the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) had stressed on the need for security measures in the court. However, the district administration is not paying any heed.

Tuesday’s incident was the third in the last one year where the culprits tried to jump on the dais of the court.

According to sources, Rishi Kumar, a private worker and resident of Paltan Bazaar, went to the court of judicial magistrate (north), dealing in matrimonial cases, and started shouting. The presiding officer asked him to remain calm but he unbuttoned his shirt and threw it on the dais. He then took out several five hundred-rupee notes and tossed them in the court.

“I want to meet my wife. Hang me if I am guilty,” the sources quoted Rishi as shouting in the court.

He then tried to jump on to the dais, but advocates prevented him and brought him outside, where he was thrashed.

The advocates informed Civil line police but the still the accused refused to remain calm and said police cannot arrest him as he as money. “He took out five hundred-rupee notes and said that he had money and police cannot arrest him,”. He was detained and taken to the police station. When the news reached his wife, she came to police station and said her husband is disturbed these days and not in proper mental health. “We let him go after his wife gave an undertaking. We also received no complaint from the presiding officer or from the court,” police said.

He untied his clothes and charged on the dais of the court. He also took out rupees and threw on the dais shouting to hang him till death. Advocates fetched him from climbing the dais and thrashed him. Afterward police detained him who was released afterward on the undertaking of his wife in police station.

The district bar association reacted on this incident and demanded a police chowki in court premises. They said that the Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) had warned the security measures of district court but district administration is not taking heed on the advice. This is the third incident in the court in last one year where persons charged on the dais. No complaint was made in every case from the judicial side against accused. An incident of attacking the resident of ST/SC judge was also reported in police in last six months.

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