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Lalit Modi impeached from Rajasthan Cricket Association

by RajasthanDirect
Mar 10, 2015

On Monday March 9th Former Indian Premier League commissioner Lallit Modi ousted from Rajasthan Cricket Association(RCA). Rival factions of RCA tested their strengths with the no-confidence motion against top four office-bearers, including Modi, being put to vote.

With the 17 out of 18 members casting their votes against Modi, Amin Pathan is all set to take charge as the new chief.

Modi, who has been seeking to legitimise his return at the helm of RCA, was dealt a telling blow after the voting was carried out. His supporters though allege that they were denied entry and that their bus was even stoned by members of the rival faction.

As per the Sports Act of the state and Constitution of RCA, the Amin Pathan group, which staged a coup last year to remove the Modi team, needed two-third majority to see the no-confidence passed. Out of a total 33 district associations, the Modi faction claimed to have the support of about 15 units, much more than the required nine to defeat the motion.

The Modi group however said they were unable to vote on Monday. “It’s a mockery,” said Modi confidant Mehmood Abdi on Monday. “It (voting) should be in a fairer manner. We were stopped when we were about to reach. No-confidence motion was passed and those who were against this motion were not allowed to enter the venue.”

Src:- http://sports.ndtv.com/cricket/news/238752-lalit-modi-impeached-from-rajasthan-cricket-association-supporters-cry-foul

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