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Karate Kids From Udaipur Grabs Gold medals in Asian Karate Tournament

by RajasthanDirect
Dec 21, 2012

Daksh Jain and Rishabh Karnavat from Udaipur received Gold Medals in 6th Asian Karate Tournament, organized between 13 to 16th Dec at Jalandhar, Punjab.

In this tournament, Rajasthan team won 10 medals in different categories. Around 1400 participants from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, China, Japan, Pakistan, Burma etc participated in this tournament.

Tournament’s couch, Mukesh Kumar Sukhval told, “Udaipur’s Daksh Jain and Rishabh Karnavat, who were representing Rajasthan team won gold medals in Kata Kumite, sub junior individual karate tournament”.

Vaibhav Singh won silver and Jayant Pancholi won Bronze in senior men’s individual kata kumite tournament. Prachi Sahu won 2 bronze medals in junior girls’ kanta kumte. Yash Jain, Amit Sharma, Matray Aachariyaand, Gaurav Pratap Singh also secured bronze medals in Junior Kata Kumite tournament.

Others, including Mayank Shrimal, Rishi Agrawal, Gaurav Menaria, Yash Chelani and Bharti Jain gave satisfactory performances.

“Selected athletes will be going to Australia and Malaysia to participate in the world Karate Junior and senior tournaments”, said Sukhval.

Punjab CM Prakash Singh Badal, All India Karate Association Co-founder R. Tyag Rajan and world Go-Ju-Rio Karate Grand Master Soke K. Annath were present in the grand inaugural ceremony.

src: udaipurtimes.com


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