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Jonty rode in Jaipur

by RajasthanDirect
Sep 24, 2013

Jonty joined a gang of bikers on a tour down the roads of Jaipur on his mean machine in pure desi style.

When South Africa’s ex cricketer Jonty Rhodes comes to Jaipur, a bike ride tops his to-do list. Every time he’s been here, he’s done that. And this time was no different – when the Mumbai Indians players were trying to come to terms with their defeat in the match played on Saturday, their coach Jonty, decided to go for a ride and enjoy Jaipur ki hawa with all his biker friends in the city.

A self-confessed adventure junkie, Jonty loves to explore cities he visits on wheels. And this time, in Jaipur, it was a last minute thing – this ride. Jonty just called up his biker friends and decided on a tour in the early hours of Sunday. The ride kicked off from Statue Circle, went through the heart of the walled city, and finally to the traffic free country side. Jonty enjoyed the scenic beauty of the city, according to the other bikers. Enroute was Amber Palace, Nahargarh and other monuments, and Jonty’s biking companions pointed out and explained everything they saw on the countryside, be it the monuments, the temples or the historical places they passed by.

“Jonty is an avid biker, but he is equally curious to know about our culture, society and lifestyle. On our way back, we stopped for a tea break at a roadside dhaba. And like any other local rider, he too relished roadside chai and spicy kachoris. In fact, he uploaded his pictures and a video of the vendor making kachoris on his social networking page,” recounted Abhishek Singh, president Airborne Riders.

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