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JMC Showing Laziness In Anti-encroachment Drive In Amanishah Nulllah Area

by RajasthanDirect
Dec 31, 2012

Despite the high court orders to remove encroachment from the catchment area of theAmanishah Nulllah, the Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC) seems to be casual in its approach to both rehabilitation of the affected house owners and removing the illegal constructions.

While the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) has started the demolition drive, the JMC has not received a single consent letter so far from owners whose houses are in the jurisdiction of the corporation.

“We have put advertisements in newspapers saying affected house owners can approach to our office to fill the consent form. So, far, we have not received a single consent letter,” civil lines zone commissioner Neetu Barupala said.

As per the survey directed by the court, the maximum number of encroachment was found in the jurisdiction of the JMC. Meanwhile, JDA officials are in the process of convincing people to fill the consent form informing that they will have to face contempt of court in case they failed to fill the forms. However, no similar effort has been made by the JMC officials in this regard.

Recently, issuing notices to the house owners whose dwellings are in the catchment area of the Amanishah Nullah has become a challenge for the JMC officials. Many a time, officials were not able to complete their work and had to return empty handed as hundreds of residents had gheraoed the officials.

“Earlier, we started issuing notices between Sushilpura and Hassanpura area. After issuing notices, the team had to return as the residents intensified their protest,” a JMC official said.

Official sources claimed that the task is becoming difficult as the residents have become aggressive. Even many encroachers refused to take the notices and one of the house owners tore the notice.

An official claimed that the latest high court order on Amanishah Nullah, which allowed its width to be maintained between 150-210 feet on whichever side free space is available, has come as a major relief for the JDA. However, as encroachers are densely populated in the area, there is no option other than razing constructions from both the ends.

src: TOI


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