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Jaisalmer Launch Eco Tourism Schemes for Foreign Tourists

by RajasthanDirect
Sep 19, 2015

Rajasthan will start eco tourism for foreign tourists coming to the border district of Jaisalmer in Sam area from October next month, an official said today.

Besides camel rides, tourists would be shown wildlife of western sandy desert which includes wildcat, godawan, deer and its various species, and fox, Development of Tourism Department Assistant Director Vikas Pandya said.

A few villages in Jaisalmer have been identified for tourism purpose and a young guide would also be hired, he said.

Some huts in National Desert Park in Jaisalmer district have also been chosen where foreign tourists could stay and enjoy Rajasthani style of living, art and culture, he said.

At least an hour long tour plan would be organised for this wildlife sight-seeing, he said. The state tourism and forest department would jointly take up this task from next month, October.

Source from : newsnation

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