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Jaipur schools starts educating students about Swine Flu

by RajasthanDirect
Feb 10, 2013

As, the deadly swine flu (H1N1) is spreading its legs, the private schools of the city have decided to create awareness among students, to strengthen their consciousness of prevention against the disease. A number of private schools of Jaipur are going to impart training to students through, various activities.

Authorities of private schools such as Cambridge Court (Mansarovar), Delhi Public School, Sanskar School, Parasrampuria Gems International School (PGIS) have planned to create awareness among the students through different activities regarding the H1N1 virus, which is responsible for causing the swine flu infection.

It is worth mentioning that the schools have been at the forefront for guiding against flu’s spread because children and young adults appear more susceptible to the strain of virus. Following the same lines, the officials of Cambridge Court School have planned to call up doctors in their school, to give tips to the students next week.

“As the disease is spreading very rapidly, is becomes necessary to take up the precaution, especially when it come to children. There are some parents, who are doctors by profession, and we are going to call them from next week, as they will teach students about the precaution steps in a better way, “said, Lata Rawat, Principal, Cambridge Court School.

Principal of PGIS T Anto Jacob said, “We will organise hand wash activity week from Monday to teach students about hygiene and cleanliness. Then, in the following week, classroom lesson will be given to students’ to the topic.”

src: Daily Bhaskar


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