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Jaipur PWD engineer caught red handed accepting Rs 50,000 bribe

by RajasthanDirect
Oct 30, 2013

Once again in Rajasthan, a Public Works Department (PWD) executive engineer was arrested in Jaipur for taking bribe of Rs 50,000. He was caught red-handed while taking the bribe on the engineer’s behalf from a contractor for clearing pending bills on Tuesday. An ACB team arrested him. The engineer earlier worked with the ACB before he was transferred to PWD in May.

According to the ACB, engineer Vinay Kumar Gupta (47) was demanding bribe from one Rakesh Mishra, who runs a company named Balaji Steel. “Rakesh had undertaken several projects, including manufacturing of iron gates for PWD. His bills were pending. To clear the bills, Gupta demanded 1.5% commission on the total amount of bills,” an ACB officer said.

The officer said Rakesh registered a compliant with ACB on the matter and the agency laid a trap. “We verified the complaint on October 22 when Gupta was asking Rakesh to pay the bribe,” the officer informed.

Later on Tuesday, Rakesh went to Gupta’s office in Ashok Nagar area and offered him the bribe.

“However, he asked Rakesh to give the bribe to one Mukesh Sharma. Mukesh is also a contractor and worked as a middleman for the engineer to take bribes on Gupta’s behalf,” the officer said.

After Mukesh, Gupta was also arrested by ACB. “The team carried out search at the engineer’s house in Jagdamba Nagar. He has been booked under sections of the Prevention of Corruption Act,” the officer said.

Sources said that the incident has once again exposed rampant corruption in the PWD. “During preliminary investigation, it has come up that the contractors had to pay commissions before payment of their bills were made,” the officer added.

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