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Income Tax Raid Received Rs. 13 Cr. 30 Lac Of Undisclosed Property

by RajasthanDirect
Dec 10, 2012

The multi-business, three day raids conducted by the Income Tax Department in different cities of Rajasthan, come out with the figures, which amount to undisclosed property and income worth Rs. 13 Cr. 30 Lac, of which Rs. 72.5 lac is in cash, Rs. 2 Cr worth of ornaments and the remaining in investments, Real Estate and other land related documents. These were taken into custody by the Income Tax Department.

To serve the purpose, 18 teams of 80 people were prepared at Jaipur, Udaipur ,Kota, Bhilwara and Ajmer. This three day raid was made at 18 different places in Udaipur and ended today evening. In these 18 places, income and documents worth Rs. 13.3 Crore was uncovered.

The businesses raided in this session included SRG group, Former MLA Nana Lal Ahari‘s SMT Marbles, Rishabdev and his office situated at Udaipur, Gold Star Marbles and showroom of Prateek Jewelers at Bhatji ki Badi, etc. This kind of multi-business raids has been conducted by the I.T department after a long time.

The I.T. Department also informed that the maximum amount of undisclosed property and income obtained from a single business was at Prateek Jewellers and amounted to Rs. 5.5 Crores.

src: UdaipurTimes.com

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