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IAF’s biggest transport aircraft makes maiden landing at Jaisalmer air base

by RajasthanDirect
Sep 30, 2013

C-17 Globemaster III, Indian Air Force’s (IAF) biggest transport aircraft, recently made its maiden landing at Jaisalmer air base as part of the flying training schedule.

The aircraft was procured from the US under a deal expected to be worth over Rs 20,000 crore. Defence minister A K Antony formally inducted the biggest 70-tonne C-17 heavy-lift transport aircraft into service on September 2 at the Hindon air base in Delhi.

The advanced air bases near the international border would play important roles in war times and their runways also need to be prepared for the comfortable landing of such aircraft, said an air force officer. Currently, the advanced air bases too aren’t big enough for the engines of C-17.

The aircraft will enhance IAF’s operational potential with its payload carriage and performance capability and this would augment the strategic reach of the nation during disaster relief or any similar mission, said defence spokesperson Col S D Goswami.

It will be a game changer as it will change the way the IAF operates its transport aircraft. The C-17 fleet will provide tremendous flexibility in terms of operational response options in any future campaign. The aircraft will allow the commanders to induct troops, squadrons, re-locate forces as well as shift forces between theatres rapidly, he added.

The IAF has placed orders with the US for 10 C-17 aircraft under the deal signed in 2011 and three of them have already been delivered.

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