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High alert on Jodhpur airport, seals canceled

by RajasthanDirect
Aug 09, 2017
In view of August 15, a high alert has been issued from Jodhpur Airport on Tuesday. In which the entry of visitors has been closed from 8th to 20th of August. CISF stationed at the same airport has also become completely cautious and security arrangements have been made and tightened at Jodhpur airport.

All the security agencies have also become cautious. At the same time passengers are being examined by the passengers. Only then are they being allowed to enter the airport and with the help of Dog Squad, the bags of all passengers are being searched. Armed soldiers are also keeping an eye on the airport’s arsenal in terms of security.

CISF jawans and officers leave vacations, security increases
Given the Independence Day, the CISF jawans have been canceled. All the men and officers who went to their homes on vacation have also been called back.
At the airport, all the security agencies have become vigilant in terms of security. On the other hand, the luggage of the passengers traveling from Jodhpur is under double check. Especially the items being transported in the cabin are being explored. The help of dog squads is also being taken for this.

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