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Govt Warns Officials To Attend House Against Tour

by RajasthanDirect
Dec 26, 2012

The foreign tours dreams of the officials from several government departments including the Jaipur Municipal Corporation and Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation may remain dreams only as the Department of Personnel (DoP) has issued a warning on the directions of government.

The state government considered this punishment to the officials as they failed to comply with the directions and did not reply to the assembly questions even after several reminders. Finally, DoP has issued a warning.

“DoP has written several times to officials to reply the questions raised in the state Assembly. Instead of this departments did not reply yet. It is the contempt of government orders,” reads an order issued on Monday.

The information sought is related to the un-starred questions raised by BJL MLA Om Birla and Bhanwani Singh Rajawat in the eight session of the 13th Assembly. They had sought details of the officials who visited foreign trips and the amount spent on it.

Most of the departments have forwarded the detailed to the DoP. But, the departments like JMC, JMRC and relief department did not comply with the order yet. The DoP took it seriously.

“All the departments (mentioned) do ensure replying the sought details otherwise their training programs will not be considered in future (abroad). Keep the circular on priority,” reads the circular.

src: daily.bhaskar.com

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