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Global taste in Jaipur with international cuisines

by RajasthanDirect
Jul 22, 2013

Till a few years ago, eating out in the city would mean trying out varieties of noodles, dosas or going for more traditional fare like ‘laal maas‘ or the ‘Rajasthani thali’.

Couscous, bruschetta, panini and teppanyaki would have sounded like alien words to most of us.

Thanks to globalization and a growing fascination among food lovers to try out exotic cuisines, today, restaurants in Jaipur are serving Mediterrenean, Thai, Japanese food, along with the regular dishes.

If restaurant owners and food experts are to be believed, the international cuisine scene in Jaipur is going to be more elaborate and exciting in the days to come. “Food habits have changed for the better. The ‘Daal Bhaat Roti Subzi’ (referred to as DBRS among food lovers) is slowly being replaced by the ‘young menu’ that is nutritious and light on the stomach. Overseas cuisines, by and large, are wholesome and healthy and this is one of the reasons why Indians are demanding more of sushi or panini (Italian sandwich),” said culinary exponent Tarla Dalal who was in town recently and tried out couscous (a semolina dish) at Taruveda lifestyle store.

“Indians are getting innovative and are tweaking international cuisines to their palate. Italian bruschetta and panini that are so popular all over the world are now very much a favourite with the GenNext,” Dalal added.

The influx of international chain of hotels and cafes with eclectic menus has helped the cause of the food lover who would love his taco as much as his roti.

“It took me almost a year to finalise the menu after trying several permutations and combinations. Finally we settled for a world cafe with a little bit from across the globe,” said Anvita Mehta of Taruveda.

An average Indian is travelling more and is getting exposed to international cuisines that are low on oil and high on fibre and nutrition.

“I love to experiment with food. I realized that I love the lemongrass in Thai that we generally don’t use in Indian cuisine. Besides, the salads with olive oil dressing are quick, nutritious and healthy and are a breakaway from the routine food that we had been eating for years,” said Priya Chirag, a homemaker.

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