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Gas leak partially controlled at OIL well in Rajasthan

by RajasthanDirect
Oct 17, 2015

A major gas leakage at an Oil India Ltd (OIL) well which started last week in Dandewala region of Jaisalmer district in Rajasthan, was partially controlled with the efforts of a team.

Highly inflammable gas oozing out from the well through pipes has been controlled partially as its speed is lowered down with the help of new mechanism and pipes," Narendra Vashistha, OIL GM said here.

“Situation will soon be normal as the gas emission would be controlled completely,” he said.

Jaisalmer Collector Vishwa Mohan Sharma said special teams of OIL were still on their job to control the oozing of gas and there was nothing to worry now.

Machines and equipment brought from Maharashtra and Gujarat have been deployed by the experts, who will supply chemical into the well to plug the leakage but the flow was not contained yet, according to the official.

There is no population in the radius of around 35 kms, he said.

Several experts from Oil India, ONGC and other companies are present in the area to monitor the situation.

The gas started to leak from OIL well in Dandewala area of the district near Indo-Pak border more than a week back.

OIL produces about 70 lakh cubic meters per day of gas from its field in Jaisalmer.

The well in Dandewala area produces 9,000 cubic meters per day of gas

Source from : economictimes

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