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Fund for Rajasthan Rape Victims Yet to Receive From Center

by RajasthanDirect
Jan 03, 2013

Rajasthan government is yet to receive funds for rehabilitation of rape victims, from the center under its “compensation policy”. Paucity of money is proving to be a major hurdle in aiding the victims to overcome from social stigma and reconcile with the society.

The new scheme has been formulated by the Union home ministry after addition of a new provision under section 357 A in the code of criminal procedure (amendment) Act, 2008. The Act lays down that every state, in coordination with the central government, shall prepare a scheme for providing funds for the purpose of compensation to the victims.

But sources claim that central government has not disbursed grant to Rajasthan whereas state government has allotted a very little money from its share. “Depending on the number of cases which qualifies for the compensation almost Rs. 30 crore was supposed to be given by the central government” said the senior official.

He added “State government meanwhile made some arrangements and provided Rs. 1 cr from emergency funds. But this is too little for ensuring financially empowering rape victims”.

Apart from rape, women affected due to acid attacks, human trafficking or any other atrocities leading to injury are entitled to receive compensation under the scheme. The cost was to be incurred on a shared basis by both state and central government. In Rajasthan, the policy is being implemented by the state legal services authority (RSLSA).

According to the provisions of the scheme, rape victim is to get reparation of Rs. 2 lakh but in case of minor and mentally retarded it was fixed Rs 3 lakhs. An acid-attack victim will be given compensation in the range of Rs 2-3 lakh in case of disfigurement of the face, while other victims will get Rs 50,000. Victims of human trafficking, child abuse and kidnapping will be given compensation of Rs 50,000. The scheme also envisages providing Rs 20,000 for rehabilitation of the victims.

“The money to victims is to be distributed in two parts with first installment to be given as interim compensation for immediate relief. The rest of the amount is to be provided on the conclusion of trial. There are also provisions of increasing the compensation if it is insufficient for the rehabilitation of a victim” said Abhay Chaturvedi, member secretary, RSLSA.

As per the official figures since the inception of the policy only one victim has been compensated in which Rs. 1.75 lakh of compensation was announced. At present there are five applications which are pending before the RSLSA.

src: TOI


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