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Floods devastation in Rajasthan, more than 10 thousand people affected

by RajasthanDirect
Jul 31, 2017
In Rajasthan, for the ninth consecutive day, the situation is not improved due to floods. Nearly 2000 people of Pali, Jalore, Sirohi, Barmer, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer in six districts of the state are still in the pipeline. Although on Sunday these areas have reduced the rains the situation of floods still persists. Sena, the team of NDRF is working to remove people from the water round the clock. Due to the rains in Rajasthan, 41 people have died so far.

In Barmer, the record of 15 years has been broken and 17 inches rains, due to which the Luni river is on the boom. 3000 people of 35 villages of Barmer have been affected by the flood. Sanchor-Gujarat, Barmer-Jalore, Samadri-Jodhpur, and Jodhpur-Barmer highways are closed. This rain of rain, which has continued to rain in Barmer, has also stopped the speed of trains. All the trains that have come to Barmer have been canceled due to the arrival of the water of the Luni river on the railway track near Tilwada village of the district. It is noteworthy that after the frequent intermittent rains in Barmer district, the situation is worsening, and this is the reason why many passengers have to face problems due to the upturn in trains.

Tornado (Tornado) stormed into the Regharga Revenue village of the Birusagar Gram Panchayat in Osiani area of Jodhpur district. Witnesses said that the tornado destroyed the stone walls, including crops and trees, in about 15 to 20 fields. Its speed was around 150 to 200 kilometers per hour. The tornado lasted approximately one kilometer and its width remained around 150 meters. After the information, administration officials, public representatives and villagers took the opportunity to witness the opportunity.

Pali, half a city still submerged in five feet of water. People from around 20 settlements have been recreating on rooftops or upper floors. Five feet of water is filled on the roads. Despite not having rain, people are not disturbed by water. Apart from the city, 10 villages in the district have been submerged since the opening of the gate of the Jain dam. The people of the village have been taken out and taken into the flood crest.

The condition of Jalore is still worse. All the means of communication have stalled due to electricity and telephone poles being swept away. All areas of Jalore have been cut off from each other. The people of Army and NDRF have taken out 900 people in Jalore and Sanchor so far. The water sheet is running from the petrol pump to the rail tracks. Medical camps are being set up in the relief camps from the army and the army and the relief material is also being distributed.

In Sirohi, it has received 180 per cent rainfall so far. Delhi-Kandla National Highway and Sirohi-Jalore Highway are closed. About 2500 people have also been affected in Sirohi. People are afraid that if more rain occurs then what will happen Crops of all the 6 districts have been wasted and thousands of cows, camels and sheep have been damaged by animals. In these districts, many people are dependent on livelihood for livelihood.

Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje has reached again to take stock of flood affected districts of Jalore, Sirohi, Pali and Barmer. The Rajasthan government has canceled the vacations of all doctors and affected areas in the state. All schools have been closed till the next order.

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