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Flood like situation in Jaisalmer district

by RajasthanDirect
Aug 17, 2013

Jaisalmer district, which till a few days back had been witnessing drought-like situation, is now facing a flood-like situation due to continuous rain since Wednesday night. Many villages in the district are facing the danger of being inundated.

The rain which began on Wednesday late night continued throughout Thursday due to which water has collected in many villages. Low-lying areas are the worst affected. Dabla, Ramgarh, Fatehgarh and other areas are also affected. Over 100 mud houses have been damaged in Ramgarh area. The district collector has started shifting people to safer places. Gadisar Lake will also fill up to the brim soon, Ramsarovar pond at Ramdeora is also full. Other small ponds and water reservoirs in villages have also filled up. The flag was hoisted on Independence Day amid rains.

Due to heavy rains on Thursday morning, the situation at Dabra village, became critical as entire village was flooded and villagers had to take shelter on their rooftops. Many have shifted to safer places. Food and other household items have been damaged in the rain while cattle too scattered due to heavy rain.

Condition in Ramgarh too is bad where the low-lying areas are filled with water due to continuous rains. Around 100 mud houses have been damaged. It is believed that a big water pond at Joga village including other small ponds has overflown, leading to flood-like situation here.

A resident of Ramgarh, Om Prakash Khatri, said rain that started from Thursday morning, water was filled in low lying colonies, but with breaking nearby ponds, the water started flowing into the village and many houses suffered damages. Around three feet water is there in houses and it is being told that at Saran Khadeel (a pond) got broken due to rains near Joga village due to which water started entering the village.

Fatehgarh too is facing a similar situation where villagers have moved out of their houses and taken shelter at safer places.

Meanwhile there was over three hours on the highway between Jaisalmer and Jodhpur near Chandhan village due to the overflowing river. The traffic was forced to stop on both the sides of the river. Later, as the water receded the situation came under control. There is also information about heavy rain in areas such as Lathi, Chandhan, Pokhran, Bhaniyana, Sankada, Mohangarh, Sam, Roopsi, Ramdeora and dozens of other villages.

People have taken shelter in schools which were opened by the administration. L N Meena, district collector said that though many houses in villages have been submerged in water and dozens of mud houses were damaged there is no news of any human loss. He added that the situation is under control.

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